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Bloomington Indiana Facts

FACT: The University of Indiana, Bloomington was Founded in 1820 and the city of Bloomington Indiana is rated by USA Today as one of the Top Ten college friendly towns in the nation.

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Bloomington Real Estate

If you are looking for information about Bloomington real estate, you’ve reached the right place. This site will feature information about the local Bloomington Indiana real estate marketplace, as well as points of interest for the local community including one of the most obvious: Indiana University. The Bloomington IN real estate market is driven in a large part by this school. The jobs it provides to staff and administrators, as well as students attending school (and sometimes staying after graduation :) ), IU is pretty much THE icon for the city. Go Big Red!! That being said, there are a lot of really nice features in this cozy community. It has many of the benefits of being a large town with the dining, and activities available. But it retains a lot of the small town character and charm that people really seem to appreciate from a day to day living standpoint.

Bloomington Homes for Sale

While many parts of the rest of the country has been hurt by the real estate market; Bloomington has remained relatively stable by comparison. The amount of Bloomington homes for sale is somewhat higher than normal, but values have remained fairly consistent. If you consider things like the absorption rate for Bloomington homes for sale, it remains stronger than many other parts of the US. The absorption rate is simply the rate at which current inventory that is for sale on the market, is selling within that market. This allows you to develop a baseline of how many months of inventory is available, which in turn helps determine from a local perspective how strong the real estate market is. In general, if the amount of homes for sale inventory is less than a few months, then it is a Seller’s market favorable for the seller to get more money than would typically be expected in the sale of their home. In general, if the amount of homes for sale inventory is more than a few months, then it is typically a Buyer’s market favorable for the buyer to get the best deal possible. Essentially, the whole concept stems from the basic: supply vs. demand business model.

Bloomington Student Housing Information